The Project


The project aims to engage with India Government to address air pollution as a global, national, and local challenge, and develop a national strategy to ambient air pollution, addressing in particular urban settings.


To study urban settings in detail, pilot Local Action Plans will be developed for three to five Indian cities: To undertake a suitable selection a set of indicators were devised (see Methodology) - so far LUDHIANA, RAIPUR, BANGALORE and GOA, have been considered.

Effective dialogue between EU and India is being established to promote the uptake of European approaches to air quality management and control.

The project involves the full mapping of India's needs in air quality management and exploit EU's know-how on air quality (political, regulatory, technical, economic) to create opportunities for Partnerships between European and Indian stakeholders and businesses.

The work endeavours to develop and sustain a multi-prolonged approach, based on multilateral partnerships leading to INNOVATIVE solutions.

Therefore we invite European stakeholders to get in touch for sharing best available technologies, best practices and explore possible business opportunities.