Mr Sebastian Plickert


                                  IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY

Sebastian Plickert , BAT Specialist,

German Federal Environment Agency, Germany

Sebastian Plickert was born on the 28th August 1967 in Kiel. Lives in Berlin, has 2 children (aged 13 and 21).

He studied from 1987–2001 at Berlin Technical University, final degree „Dipl.-Ing.“ (equiv. MSc) in Environmental Engineering.

From 2000–2002 he worked as a research assistant at the Center for Environment Studies of Potsdam University, working in the fields of mechanical-biological waste treatment and of material flow management.

Since 2002 he is works at the German Federal Environment Agency in Devision III „Sustainable Production and Products, Waste Management“ with main focus on the implementation of the EU Industrial Emissions Directive and the EU Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme as well as on emission reporting.

In 2005 his job changed to Unit III 2.2 „Resource conservation, material cycles, mineral and metal industries“ as the Agency’s expert for different industrial sectors, in particular for the iron and steel industry. As such, he is significantly involved in the development and in the national implementation of EU BAT Reference Documents (Ceramics, Cement and Lime, Iron and Steel Production, Ferrous Metal Processing)

He is participating in several international activities: cooperation projects on identification and implementation of BAT in China, India, Russia and Ukraine.