The Project


With respect to the EU’s environmental policy commitments to tackling air pollution and in light of the considerable wave of Indian urbanisation, a reduction in the emission and levels of atmospheric pollution will ultimately reduce health impacts in the EU and diminish greenhouse emissions.


Reflecting the central tenets of the Partnership Instrument, the EU wishes to pursue dialogue with India to promote the uptake of European approaches to air quality measures and the promotion of corresponding opportunities for EU businesses.

Overall Objectives

The overall objective of the action is to understand India's needs in air quality management and exploit EU's know-how on air quality (political, regulatory, technical, economic) to create opportunities for European stakeholders and businesses by raising the interest of India in addressing air pollution as a global challenge and develop a national strategy to ambient air pollution, in particular in urban settings.

Specific Objectives
  1. Understand the air quality management sector in India, including stakeholder analysis, regulations and policy reviews, needs in India and opportunities for the European actors.

  2. Develop, as pilot projects, air pollution reviews and action plans with 3 Indian cities, and supporting the implementation of selected activities.

  3. Raise awareness of Indian Stakeholders on EU best practices and technologies in the sector through technical speaker events and a closing event allowing selected European speakers and companies to showcase their approach to air quality management, best practices, technologies and products.

  4. Support the policy dialogue between the EUD and the Government of India and support the development of a national air quality management strategy.