Mr Andrew Ford


                                  AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT

Environmental Pollution Manager at London Borough of Islington

Andrew Ford is the Pollution Team Manager at Islington Council in north London. The work of the Pollution Team is primarily regulatory covering the management of contaminated land, commercial & industrial pollution control; air quality management; managing construction impacts; noise control & the regulation of licensed entertainment.


He is an experienced environmental practitioner of over 12 years’ specialising in environmental control, energy and sustainability programmes.


As part of his role, Andrew manages 3 officers who proactively monitor and regulate construction impacts in Islington through a novel approach pioneered by the Council utilising contributions secured from developers during the planning process.


He also manages a team of officers involved with environmental projects who work to modifying business behaviour or reduce pollution exposure in the community at sensitive locations such as schools or hospitals.

For further information please see his profile at linkedin