Ms Lisa Blyth


                                  AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT

Modelling Tools to Support the Implementation of Local Action Plans

Lisa is an analytical scientist with over 15 years of experience working in air quality analysis, consultancy and research. She currently works as an international project coordinator within VITO’s atmospheric modelling research team where she is responsible for management of large projects dealing with regional/local-scale air quality issues. She is also responsible for the strategic planning of the teams international ATMOSYS (AQ management and modelling) services, as well as the provision of guidance on air quality policy to VITO’s air modelling team in China. She has global overview of air related environmental policies and experience with working closely with relevant stakeholders both in Europe and China. 


Before joining VITO in 2009, Lisa worked for 14 years for a large environmental consultancy in Ireland, where she built up expertise in industrial emissions and ambient air monitoring, atmospheric dispersion modelling and environmental impact assessments.


VITO is a European independent research and technology organisation based in Flanders, Belgium. The air quality modelling team specialises in the modelling of atmospheric processes and assessing air quality at varying scales.  The trans-boundary nature of air pollution necessitates the availability of models that can support air quality policies from a regional scale (e.g. European) towards the street-scale and the team has built up strong expertise in dealing with the multi-scale nature of air pollution issues.  In particular at the urban and street level scale. 

For further information see Vito. For the EU project see atmosys.