The Delivery Team


Dr Ana Grossinho 

Executive Director of Air Quality Experts Global

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Dr Grossinho is an internationally recognised specialist in the air quality field having been an invited expert to the European Commission, DGENV, and the European Environment Agency to provide advice on technical and policy dialogue matters.

After her academic training she spent eight years doing research, consultancy and teaching at Imperial College on the impacts of air quality on public exposure, health, ecosystems and climate change, having supervised and revised various MSc and PhD thesis on these subjects.

Joined Defra’s Air Quality Division (UK Ministry of the Environment) in 2004 where she served as a Senior Scientific Policy Adviser negotiating the Euro 5/V and 6/VI at the national and European levels, writing air quality related project specifications, managing contractor’s delivery, and providing advice to ministers on request.


Examples of achievements include reaching successful pan-governmental agreement on Euro standards and the specification of various joint projects between the Environment and Transport departments. During her service at Defra she contributed to the drafting of the 2007 UK National Air Quality Strategy having been in charge of delineating win-win scenarios for urban traffic fleets that reduced both air pollution and green-house gases. These scenarios led to an effective selection of measures to be included in the national strategy through a combination of technical feasibility and cost-benefit analysis. During her service as an official she commissioned and supervised the delivery of a project looking at the technical and non-technical options to reduce emissions at a national level which involved analysis of technical and economic indicators. These project results also contributed to the final delineation of the UK National Air Quality strategy.


Since 2006 she has been providing full time air quality consultancy services to a variety of public and private sector clients delineating strategic planning solutions to enable economic growth whilst securing sustainability.

Ana gained her international recognition via her Air Quality Expert advisory role at the European Commission Air Quality Working Group to which she actively contributed from 1996 to 2012. She has over 20 years of experience in Air Quality Assessment and Management work, including delineation and delivery of air quality strategies to achieve compliance, advanced dispersion modelling, monitoring, and mapping, having been responsible for national, regional and local air pollution annual assessments, reporting, and policy advisory and legal documents.

With a strong academic background and vast public and private sector experience, her proficiency in engagement with key stakeholders has resulted in successful policies being put in place to further improve air quality management systems.

As a senior technical director in the air quality field, she has been responsible for a wide variety of projects ensuring the overall achievement of their assignment objectives. Her main duties to date have included the coordination of:

a) teams’ activities,

b) delineation of tailored problem solving methodologies,

c) development and delivery of pilot studies and projects,

d) inputs, management and signing off of technical deliverables, and

e) delivery of requested outputs timely and to the quality standards required.


Her main passion is in contributing to the know-how and sharing best practices on air quality management systems worldwide, having worked jointly with European Union officials on pilot projects across member states where she was responsible for the delineation and supervision of the delivery of work packages and provision of strategic guidance to all members of the projects. She has successful experience of planning and delivering technical seminars and conferences involving national and European stakeholders on air quality. For her full CV click here.


Mr Sumit Sharma 

Associate Director



Mr Sumit Sharma is presently working in TERI as Fellow and Area Convenor (Centre for Environment Studies, TERI); is a pass out from Delhi College of Engineering and Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He is presently convening a group of 15 researchers in TERI focusing on various environmental issues. He has 14 years of experience working on air quality management in India.


In all, he has worked on more than 20 projects related to air quality management which involved air quality monitoring, emission inventorisation, air quality modelling (dispersion and receptor), and drafting air quality management plans. He has worked on pollution source apportionment studies carried out for different cities/regions in India, in which he was actively involved in preparing emission inventories and carrying out air quality simulations. He has also worked on addressing regional and urban scale particulate and ozone pollution related issues using state of the art chemical transport based air quality models for prediction of air quality in current and future scenarios.

He has facilitated the preparation of number of air quality management plans for National and State level government authorities, based on research projects. As a project investigator he has worked for the Central Pollution Control Board of India, to prepare vehicular emission inventories for 6 Indian cities and drafted action plans for control of these emissions. He was part of the first ever major source apportionment studies carried out in India under the steering committee headed by Ministry of Environment and Forests in India. He was also part of the main team led by Prof. V Ramanathan (UCSD) to carry out Indo-California Air Pollution Mitigation Program for control of vehicular emissions in India. Recently, under the chairman ship of Prof. V. Ramanathan, he worked with a team of 25 researchers across 17 different international institutes to come up with a report ‘Breathing Cleaner Air’ to provide 10 scalable solutions for air quality improvement in India.


These reports provide action plans for control of air pollution and have been submitted to Government of India. On behalf of TERI, he attended several meetings and provided inputs to the Auto Fuel Vision Committee formulated by Government of India for laying the road map for advancement of vehicular emissions and fuel quality norms in India. He led a project granted by DFID to carry out a cost benefit analysis of introduction of advanced vehicular emissions and fuel quality norms and other options to reduce vehicular emissions in India. He has also been involved in intervention analysis studies and has assessed the air quality impact of several intervention made by Government e.g. recently launched odd-even scheme in Delhi for control of Pollution.


Mr Sanjay Dhawan 

Project Manager

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Fax:+33 (0)5 59 72 43 24


Dr Sergei Skokov


Dr Sergei Skokov has a PhD in Environmental Economics and Resource Management, and over 20 years of professional experience in environmental management, policy/strategy design and implementation, programming, M&E and evaluation, strategic planning, project management, institutional strengthening and capacity building.


His sectoral expertise encompasses air pollution, green economy, renewable energy schemes, energy efficiency and energy conservation, sustainable consumption and production, wastewater and solid waste management and climate change. He has extensive knowledge of EU environmental horizontal and sectoral legislation, proven experience in implementation of the EU environmental acquis in pre-accession and accession countries, and hands–on experience in environmental resources management.


Mr Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark has 35 years of professional experience in the environment and human resources development. Dr Clark's technical background is in atmospheric sciences, and his speciality is air quality assessment and policy, including air pollution monitoring, dispersion modelling, abatement measures, urban air quality planning, policy analysis and legislation.


Douglas Clark is experienced in the development of urban air quality action plans, to meet EU requirements in areas where air quality levels exceed limit values. His work has included emission inventories, identification of abatement strategies, establishing management task forces and holding stakeholder workshops, training of participants, forecasting actual air quality benefits through dispersion modelling, preparing action plans, and formulating project proposals and terms of reference to implement the actions. His experience developing national air quality legislation and strategies includes Romania and Bhutan.


Ms Aiga Kala

Aiga Kāla holds M.Sc in Environmental Science and possesses over 20 years of professional experience in various fields of environmental policy development, legislation drafting, particularly in the area of air quality management and EIA system.


She has vast experience in provision of technical assistance for improvement of institutional systems and capacity for enforcement of environmental policies, regulations, and standards, training of civil servants and experts in EU accession and neighbourhood countries. Aiga has also extensive experience in drafting air quality improvement/ emission reduction plans and programmes. Ms Kala has excellent leadership skills proven by considerable number of successfully managed international and interdisciplinary projects requiring coordination of various stakeholders and expert teams.